Workshop programme

Participants are divided into six groups, coordinated by the twin cities. Each group argues for 20 minutes. After each session, each group has to move to the following session.

Session 1: quiz, test your knowledge on European Treaties.

Session 2: how would you improve the knowledge on the European Union in your countries starting from young people? the treaties are the pillars. Discuss and write down a small text with some suggestions, which can be different by country.

Session 3: Practice Case study : “I am a young european and I have a small start up in green packaging. I’d like to know if I can get some european funds. What can I do? Who do I have to contact?”.

Session 4: Considering the situation in 2018, from your personal point of view, how do you imagine europe in 2050? More or less countries? Express yourself through a speech, a design, a text, a/some pictures, a song, etc…

Session 5: What did you learn at school on Europe? Which perception of Europe did you keep from your education? Exchange your personal experiences.

Session 6: The white paper on the future of Europe and the 5 scenarios
          1. “Carrying on”;
          2. “Nothing but the single market”;
          3. “Those who want more do more”;
          4. “Doing less more efficiently”;
          5. “Doing much more together”.
Which scenario you think we’re moving to? Discuss together, choose a scenario and argue on your choice.


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